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Why we will never stop Hustling Kindness…

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Landon recieved his very own PNF's in November of 2016. In his shoes and his Hustle Kindness gear he has advocated for Rare Diseases. He has opened up a dialog for strangers not only to ask about his cool shoes but also to ask about who HE is. In his shoes he has spoken his [...]

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Paul Shorock

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Presently in Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine completing a Christian Conversational English language camp with university students. (sic) Would like to share an image of some friends and I wearing NM (Hustle Kindness®) edition shirts I brought. Beginning to spread the word about hustling kindness but "hustle" isn't easy to translate as a positive or desirable action. [...]

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Hustling Kindness…

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Hustling Kindness is a mission. It's a constant effort to spark that feeling you get when all the good chemicals are released in your brain. It's a journey of connecting people with your electricity. Have you ever seen that video of the guy in the subway watching his ipad with his headphones in? Whatever he's [...]

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Rebecca Morgan Namaste Assisted Living

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I think "being seen" is one of our deepest desires and, when it doesn't happen, one of our most painful wounds. The groups we encounter at the MadLab are both in danger of being invisible: children who are "different" and elders. In our work together, the elders are SEEN and treasured by the children and [...]

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Peach's Neet Feet is not your ordinary non-profit set on changing the world. It's the "more" this world needs that actually can. Shattering the myth of perfection and encouraging people and communities nationwide to intentionally live a kinder and more impactful life. Based in New Mexico by founder Madison "Peach" Steiner and operating out of [...]

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Liam Fitzgerald, of Northborough, Massachusetts was born in 2006 with Down Syndrome (or as Peach calls it “Awesome Syndrome”). Then, in 2009 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He just completed 3.5 years of chemotherapy treatment in May 2013 and is doing wonderful. Liam’s photo (to the left) went viral on Facebook and [...]

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From Presley’s mom Alysa… “Sometimes some of the greatest blessings come in cute small packages, like that of a toddler size 7 shoe box. Peach’s Neet Feet honored Presley with her very own special pair of hand painted shoes from a unique individual who gives back! They are complete with a princess castle, heart breaker, [...]

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