Tristan was a very active, energetic, and happy 10 year old boy. He loves sports and his favorite sport to watch and to play is football. In 2011, Tristan played on the same football team as his 11 year old brother Tanner. They were a team on and off the field. Tanner was quarterback and Tristan played wide receiver and running back.

Near the end of the season, in October 2011, Tristan began to limp and occasionally complain of pain in his right heel. He was taken to doctors and misdiagnosed twice. On March 1, 2012, he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer. He had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in his heel bone. He immediately had a port implanted IV placed and began what would consist of one year of chemotherapy treatment.

On July 5, 2012, Tristan held his head high and marched back to a surgery that would change his life forever… a below the knee leg amputation of his right leg. Though it was not an easy recovery, Tristan’s attitude throughout treatment has always been positive and uplifting to everyone around him. Often he is smiling and joking with his doctors and nurses. In September, he received a prosthetic leg and began to learn to walk again, with the aid of crutches. He was working hard to walk without crutches when unexpectedly he contracted an infection in his amputated leg the required emergency surgery. This was almost too much for Tristan, as he could not use his prosthetic for several weeks and would have to start over with his walking.

One week after, he was able to wear his leg again he received a special delivery of Peach’s Neet Feet. They were perfectly painted and had his favorite NFL team logos, the San Francisco 49ers. These brought some much needed a smiles and strength to our Tristan. His mother likes to call them magic shoes because Tristan was able to have the courage to take his first steps crutch free with the PNF shoes on.

At times, chemo would kick Tristan’s butt and bring him down. During one of those down times, Peach and her team sent Tristan to a Utah Jazz game. Our whole family was able to go onto the court to meet the players, get autographs, and take pictures. Then, the two boys even got to choose their favorite player’s jersey. We watched the game as a family from some extremely VIP seats. The Jazz won that night and Tristan again had a boost of energy (and spirits) for his next round of chemo.

As mentioned above, Tristan’s kicks have the 49ers logos painted on them, his favorite NFL team. He is often dressed from head to toe in 49ers gear. In January 2013, something incredible happened! Peach, with the help of some amazing PNF team members, acquired 2 tickets to a San Francisco playoff game, on their home field, and instantly thought of Tristan. We live in Utah and Tristan had just finished up a five day round of chemo. Miraculously, it worked out perfectly for Tristan and his dad to make a quick trip to see the game in San Francisco. This was truly a dream come true for Tristan. He was invited onto the field to meet some of his favorites: Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, and even the owner of the 49ers. He made forever friends with veteran player Eric Davis and even sat with Eric’s family in the box seats at the stadium. Tristan gets tired easily with chemo, but somehow he was able to make pre-game events and stay for the whole game. Unbelievable right?! That’s what we think!

Peach, and all the people that work with Peach, helped grant a wish for Tristan and create memories that can never be replaced or forgotten. As he nears the end of his treatment, this was just what he needed to help him cross that finish line into remission. Thank you just does not seem like enough in our case! We love Peach’s Neet Feet and everything they represent.


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