Shoe FAQ

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Who Qualifies for Peach’s Neet Feet Shoes?

Children ages 1-18 are eligible for shoes. We currently have over 75 qualifying diagnoses and are constantly working to add more, please see “What is the process?” for more info.

What is the process?

Please email us at with your child’s name, and diagnosis and we will get back to you with the next steps regarding the application process.

Is there ever a fee for shoes?

There is never a charge for PNF shoes, all we ask is that the child and the family Hustle Kindness to others in their community.

What are your artists paid to paint shoes for you?

As a small non-profit, with limited funds all of our artists volunteer their time to paint and ship out your child’s shoes. These are women, and men with jobs and families who take their own time to Hustle Kindness® to children. Some volunteers have Etsy shops, so please feel free to visit their shops, and support those that are selflessly giving.

Do you paint shoes for siblings?

Unfortunately, as a small non-profit we do not have the resources to paint shoes for children without an qualifying diagnosis.

What sizes of shoes do you paint?

Our shoes start at 5T, which generally fit children around 18 months. We ask that you wait until your child is able to wear this size before applying.

How long does it take to receive my child’s custom shoes?

From the moment we receive, and process, your child’s application it will take up to 8 weeks for shoes to be completed and mailed out.

Is Peach’s Neet Feet a 501c3?

Peach’s Neet Feet is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, IRS identification number 45-4141561. Donations made to Peach’s Neet Feet are tax deductible in the U.S.

Can I sponsor a specific child for a pair of shoes?

Due to the amount of requests that we receive, and the application requirements, it is difficult to match donations with child (time frame of receipt, etc.). We are always in need of sponsors for children, and you can donate generally at: However, if you have a child that has their application ready to be sent, please attach the sponsor’s check to their application and we will make sure that the child knows who is gifting their rad shoes.

How can I support PNF fighters?

You can sponsor a pair of shoes
You can sponsor the work
You can be a recurrent donor
You can purchase a Hustle Kindness® shirt for a child at, just put in the notes section that you are purchasing swag for a child’s care package.
Donate items for care packages from our Amazon Wish List.